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When it comes to living in big cities, like Miami, life can move pretty fast. The major cities are for a busy life style that is constantly moving and can’t slow down for the little things. But when the little things start to add up, it can take over an entire day to complete all the tasks that you simply don’t have time for. 

Your home can become the center of issues by constantly having new problems that arrive while each task takes longer as you put it off. Instead of waiting until a time that it could be completed, Personal Home Management can help get tasks done when you need it.

Personal Home Management services was designed for the clients who live in a constant rush lifestyle who might need an extra hand around the house or apartment. Each of our clients are given a personal home manager whose task is to work with you to schedule appointments for your home. Our weekly scheduled planner allows our clients to pick the days that we clean, repair, and help the client with any daily tasks that need to be met. Our personal managers will also stay to watch your while improvements and repairs are being made to give you the security while you are away. We fit our schedule around yours to make sure your home is taken care of at the right times.

From indoor housekeeping, to outdoor landscaping, your home will be given quality treatment with each visit while also meeting any requirements made by the client. Personal Home Management allows our clients a chance to relax in a clean and non-stressful home. It’s also not just your home where we can help, we also have our 24/7 concierge service to be your personal assistant to keep track of important dates and meetings.

We Offer Services in:

• Professional Cleaning Services
• Pet Care

* Handyman Services

• Home Inspection and Repair
• Grocery delivery
• Landscaping
• 24/7 Concierge
• Customizable Services

When your home is being cleaned or improve when you aren’t there, we know security does come to mind. At our company, we hand select each of our employees with numerous background checks to make sure we only hire the most trust worthy individuals for our cleaning business here in Miami.

If you’re interested in having a service that will help solve the little things, contact us today and find out why our clients have less to worry about. Start your schedule with Personal Home Management today and see how a helping hand can change your home life.

we believe:

We get to know all of our clients on a first-name basis and offer the friendliest and most attentive interior design and home improvement services.

It is our pleasure to help improve the homes of our customers. We will work closely with you to find out exactly what the needs of your home are and what your personal desires for your home may be. 

We do not keep anyone on our team who does not exhibit a clear intention to work hard and is obviously reliable and trustworthy.

Professional Home Services


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We aim to provide personalized assistance to each of our members that never disappoint. At City Living Solutions, we will help you create a hassle free situation at home, knowing that your friendly home specialist will find one-of-a-kind solutions. 

Your home visits consist of:

  • tidying-up (make bed, load dishwasher, unclutter, remove trash)

  • periodical home evaluations

  • coordinate schedules for home services, i.e. cleaning, handyman, painters etc.


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